JUST IN! 8 – 10 ft long, 30″ wide, 2″ thick monkey pod and mango slabs
Mango: $25 per bd ft

Monkey Pod: $30 per bd ft

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Fully figured Koa slabs – closeup

Fully figured totally curly bookmatched slabs $45 bd ft

Example of large koa logs around 50yrs old

Evenly milled drying koa slabs sold as slab or made to board ft. Highly figured with curl. bookmatched stack 25 br ft

Wonderful collection of monkey pod slabs cut from one tree. Cut at inch and a half thickness with varying lengths and widths. Semi hardwood a great polish $15 bd ft

Close up of monkey pod grain

White ash bookmatched

White ash planks

Rare maui mahogany is really deep red color with mature tight grain. We have slabs up to five foot long by twenty inch wide and one and a half thick and bd ft in many dimensions $18 board ft

An example of bookmatched black walnut. We also have lengths between 8 and 10 feet by 15 inches wide by 2 inches thick. $22 bd ft