Below are examples of our handcrafted, custom Maui hardwood furniture and products and those with prices are currently available for sale. Each piece is unique and designed to maximize the woods natural features and beauty. We use traditional old world carpentry techniques utilizing biscuit and dovetail joinery and no use of metallic hardware.

Maui Eco Hardwood transforms naturally fallen and salvaged hardwoods into unique pieces of furniture and art. You can see Maui Hardwood Tables here and Maui Hardwood Benches & Chairs here

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Hardwood Koa and Mango dolphin bed. The headboard is bookmatched 2″ thick mango slabs. The shape and pattern of the grain suggestive of the heads of dolphins. This is highlighted by a central fin in curly Koa. The bed also has Koa hardwood sturts and feet.

Large mango butterfly made with two inch thick curly perfectly bookmatched Maui Mango hardwood. This piece is four ft wide by three tall and 3inches thick. Perfect either as a wall hanging or coffee table. $2200

Freestanding console, bookshelf, display stand or alter. Stands 4 ft high by 4 ft long, made from hawaiian Monkey Pod hardwood. $800

Highly figured curley Koa meditation stools that are angled a certain way to enable the user to sit for prolonged period of time with a straight back in a semi kneeling position that is really comfortable. Hinged Koa legs fold under for easy storage and transportation

The Koa meditation benches are extremely strong and durable and may be ordered either with the angle shown for kneeling style meditation or with a flat top for ordinary sitting, available in different woods and are finished in a semi gloss hard finish. $300

Turkish doors made from curley Mango with Koa insert, has fitted door jam that the door fits into with the same Turkish arch $3500

Book matched Monkey Pod wood counter top approximately 6 ft long and 2/12 wide

This African Almond (Kimani) counter top is a perfect example of bookmatching where two slabs from the same log with the same grain are joined to create the desired width and I have set a heart shaped insert to add to the design.

These sort of counter tops may be ordered to specific sizes to fit your kitchen or bar and they are finished with a hard water resistant mat finish that can be wiped clean if a spill occurs.

Custom live edge Koa counter top