Maui hardwoods is an Hawaiian island company that specializes in native and invasive hardwoods.

We are blessed here on the islands with a year round growing season that promotes sustained growth and cultivation of exotic hardwoods found nowhere else in the world due to its rich volcanic soil and temperate climate.

Many of the native hardwoods found here were brought here by trade winds andocean currents long ago and have flourished over the time to produce rich full grained lumber found only on the Hawaiian islands. They have however had to deal with many varieties of invasive species that are constantly threatening their environment hence the goal of our company to protect and foster our islands native woods.

We at Maui Hardwoods only cut and mill dead or recycled lumber that in many cases would have gone into the landfill as in the past there has been no state sanctioned recycling program and consequently beautiful hardwoods have been wasted.

Maui hardwoods has now created a place where private individuals and the state is invited to donate and sell lumber and trees that have completed the life span and are ready to be felled, milled, stacked and dried and in many cases a portion of the finished product is returned to the supplier.

We deal with many varieties of lumber from the island including Koa which is a world renowned full figured native wood yet now is becoming rare and can only be found on the upper slopes (above two thousand feet). We now have a stock of large slabs, quarter sawn and board ft of this prized lumber valued by bowl turners, cabinet makers and craftsman world wide.

Other woods that we mill are Monkey pod, Mango, Cedar, Maui Mahogany, Iron wood and many more varieties that arrive here in logs that we then mill (up to five foot in diameter) then air and kiln dry to preserve this valuable resource hence preserving the islands natural heritage somewhat and giving local and international access to these fine woods.

We also have large workshops where we use these woods to produce custom furniture, conference tables, rocking chairs, musical instruments and much more and do custom fitting where required.

It is our pleasure to supply you with custom lumber and furniture from our